SAL for AWS Subscription Plans We offer several flexible subscription plans, including a free trial term.
If none of the predefined terms suits you needs, please email us for your custom option.

Single user subscription

5 VPC designs

6 scheduler tasks

Single user subscription

9 VPC designs

10 scheduler tasks

5 users per account

5 VPC designs per user

6 scheduler tasks per user

10 users per account

9 VPC designs per user

10 scheduler tasks per user

15 users per account

10 VPC designs per user

20 scheduler tasks per user

20 users per account

25 VPC designs per user

50 scheduler tasks per user

Any number of users per account

Any number of VPC designs

Any number of scheduler tasks

Email us if none of the options suits your needs

Trial user

Single user subscription

2 VPC designs

2 scheduler tasks

All your VPC designs will be suspended every 30 days